Friday, December 23, 2011

The 15 Albums that changed my life!!!

1- Jethro Tull - Aqualung

"This album is really my first introduction to progressive music I think, my father played this album everyday in the car in a cassette every morning in the way to the primary school".

2- Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live

"Despite this is a live album, it was another cassette my father had, the music made a HUGE impact on me...musically and emotionally".

3- Dream Theater - Images and Words

"Without a doubt an album that made me realize that I was going to be a musician AND a guitar player, those Petrucci lines were totally inspiring to me, I remember that after discovering this album by a friend at school, we played it from top to bottom in repeat doing homework!"

4- Joe Satriani - The Extremist

"I started to play guitar at the age of 12, I learned my first chords on an acoustic obviously but hearing at this music and discovering G3 (that one with Eric Johnson) by other guitarists pals, I was totally inclined by the electric guitar, rock and metal music!! but, I entered this realm of instrumental electric guitar extravaganza, and of course Joe Satriani and Steve Vai came into play here, this particular album, changed the way I saw the guitar, and the things you can do with it!!!"

5- Rush - Exit...Stage Left

"Another live album, and my first introduction to this great band, I've became fan after that, I remember hearing it for the first time in my headphones in a crappy CD player, those that you carried like ipods now, LOL the discovery of this band and this music was made by an older brother of a friend at high school, he was a drummer, and he was a BIG Rush fan, despite is NOT a music of my generation really I became totally hooked and found a LOT of similarities in Dream Theater's music as well. With tracks like YYZ, La Villa Strangiato, and Tom Sawyer, my musical life changed!"

6- Tool - Lateralus

"This album, was one of those albums that impacted me in so many ways, I remember the packaging, really amazing, it became a trademark in the way I saw a band, rock music, the presentation, lyrics, everything... suck a great album"

7- Jordan Rudess - Feeding the Wheel

"Back to the prog world, I discovered this album surfing the web, and so Magna Carta (label) artists as well, this album was TOTALLY shocking for me, it was like "music like this exist in this world??" I discovered lots of things with this albums, time signatures, rhythms, sounds, I mean something totally new to my ears!, it changed my musical life, and was my first introduction in discovering old progressive music like Genesis, Gentle Giant, Yes etc."

8- Leonardo - The Absolute Man

"One of my favorite albums of ALL time!!, this album is a very special one for me, it grew so much in me, it was a very fine discovery and redefine the way I saw music. It was a music so amazing and well produced, and something I've NEVER encountered before, those layered voices, orchestration, the concept, the story-line, the characters, it is a various artist album, just looking at the sleeves I discovered new artist and music. My first introduction to concept albums was with Dream Theater's Scene from a Memory album, and Rush's 2112 after that, but, this one, was like a WHOLE Opera!!!"

9- Spock's Beard - Snow

"This particular album was also so new to my ears, lots of counterpoints, fine arrangements, eccentric songwriting, and lots of musicianship, my first introduction to Spock's Beard and neo-prog stuff and to Neal Morse, one of my favorite songwriters and composers of ALL time, this was SO new to my ears, and shocked me in every sense of the word, and let's face it, I was born in 1987, so MY generation of progressive music is: Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, The Flower Kings, Fates Warning, for this guys it's obviously the 60's and 70's so everything is like a timeline!"

10- King Crimson - The Power to Believe

"This was my first introduction to what it is my FAVORITE prog band ever! and it is its latest work, but this Crimson line-up was the one I've drowned to, of course I dig more its classic albums!, this was another album that changed the way I saw progressive rock and music in particular"

11- Frameshift - Unweaving the Rainbow

"A fantastic, cool and under-grounded progressive rock album, I discovered it through research in LaBrie (Dream Theater's vocalist), it made think more in production and in writing more progressive music, it changed lots of things in my musicianship too!"

12- Planet X - Moonbabies

"Another "this album is gonna blow your mind" album, this opened up lots of different senses of what was music for me, so eccentric, and out of the box, Donati's musicianship and drumming totally was a huge evolution of what i thought of rhythms, syncopation, ostinatos etc.

13- Mattias "Ia" Eklundh - The Road Less Traveled

"This is a guitar oriented album, but this album was special for me, it opened up so new boundaries for me, both on the music and in the instrument, this guy later will be one of my guitar heroes."

14- Magellan - Impending Ascention

"I bought this album after digging almost all Trent Gardner discography, but this one in particular is old, and was one of the proggy things that I dig the most, such a great album and songs, it is truly a prog masterpiece"

15- Tribal Tech - Illicit

"Later on I was interested in jazz music specially in fusion (rock with jazz) and this album was the one that made me enter in that complex world, it changed me in every sense of the word and made me a better musician after digging it!"

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why I've become a multi-instrumentalist musician

People that know me well know that the guitar is my instrument of choice, why? I simple love the instrument, some musicians friends have asked me several times what would be my instrument of choice instead of guitar? answers vary from "I think saxophone" "maybe drums?" but, over the years I've grown musically in every aspect of it: knowledge, experience, highs, lows, facts, etc.

In my early years entering to music and learning to play guitar I just couldn't have enough, for some fellow guitar players friends and musicians this was very egocentric and ambitious, I remember clearly some people telling me: "sooo now you want to be like a Mozart or something right? tsk tsk, ridiculous" I remember those days, but, I'm always searching for evolution, and doing things in the way I like it, that is why I learn others instruments. It's not something in thinking to be just a "one-man band" is more deep than that, for me, it's more musical knowledge, to know the different sonic possibilities that an instrument could add to your music, however, now I see that almost every composer should have a certain piano skills, for example, piano (the instrument) is in EVERY song that I write, could it be a tender ballad or a crazy avant-garde heavy thing! just saying!

All this come to my mind because of my musical heroes, they all can write music, and use other instruments as well, , people like Steven Wilson, Neil Morse, Frank Zappa etc. and is not just "learning to play well others instruments" is knowing how to use it and what its functions are! so, a person like me, could not just stand there and play guitar only all his life!! don't get me wrong, I LOVE the guitar and playing it, but music is more than that you know...learning other instruments give you more musical freedom, be able to write a cool harmonium part, or a groovy bass line, without depending on others to do it, it's so great! be able to write a whole song playing and experimenting with instrumentation and arrangement is a part of music that is so damn exciting to me, simply as that!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Master Ires Video Series!

Hello fans, followers and friends:

I´m here posting this to inform you some of my new parody and funny videos I´m creating and producing with my good friend Angel Ramos!! it´s funny because this whole idea of making a character named ¨Master Ires¨ in a very humorous way, right now, there´s a youtube channel created named ¨MasterIres¨and even a Facebook fan page! LOL!, I suggest checking that out!!

The first video is up! and it talks more about the Portnoy Drama, presenting some news about the progressive world and some other stuff.

In the future we are thinking in producing a series of 4 videos called ¨Why Master Ires haven't established a band yet!?¨ describing real band situations in form of parody, portraying why it´s so difficult and inconvenient to form a band in here, stay tuned for that!!

Right now, the creative progress is only focused on parody and humorous stuff, but you will be expecting others things like, interviews, documentaries, and of course, videos of me, playing, singing, covering both, covers and own material!

In case you had missed it, there´s our first video:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Hermit

Hi all again!

Today I'm finishing up a new song that I wrote, I'd simply called it "The Hermit", I'm working in lyrics right now, and I have to marry the words with the music, because this song, was inspired on a concept first rather than making the music, still...I knew the direction I wanted for this song though. Talking a little bit more of it, muse came fast on this one, picked up my guitar, I was alone in my room, and began with a few chords, this song is special to me in a way, it talks about me, I mean, the lyrics portrait something about ME in some way, I'm experiment using a Capo, I used it in the 3rd fret, and it was pretty cool!!

The song is in Gm, (because of the capo) but I wasn't focusing in keys at that moment, just in chords and rhythm, the song came out in 6/8 feel, (I'm using it a lot in my songs now) is a great feel for songwriting and rhythm, rather that the fancy 4/4, the song is melancholy in some way, I'm still humming some melodies, its ending up like a Cerati meets Steven Wilson type of melody, but, the 6/8 feel give it a more of like, let's say...dramatic touch I think... Musically the song came out to be very unique in terms of harmony, I experimented a lot in some bridges, using minor chord substitutions, (sounding very Mikael Akerfeldt) I recorded the whole idea, intro, verses, chorus, bridges, outro, all in a straight line, now, I'm working on arrangements and structures, and I am very undecided in all this things! specially the arrangement!, well...but this is the fun part right?

I will try to buy some equipment for Christmas to see if I can record songs and stuff, so you will be able to hear it as I post some update, I will work that out, so don't worry! I will post the final cut of lyrics later on, and maybe give it the meaning if it if its not coming too metaphorical (which I don't think so), right now, I'm going for a very direct, lush and simple lyrics...but, who knows...

I will say goodbye for now...

More updates later!

Stay tuned!

Iros RR

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Progressive Music of Our Era

Hello to all followers, fans and friends!

I've been absent a lot lately, let's say my life has changed, a new job, a lot more of responsibilities, no so much time to spare, you know...but well here I am, in this post I will be rather talking a few things about how progressive music has been in this late year, and maybe do a little recap on some albums that make me feel in that way.

Of course prog fans out there know more about the topic and can argue about this, but I will express despite my knowledge in the topic. First of all, progressive music, is turning now in 2011 to be different, to be more accessible and not so under grounded as 10-15 years from now, with albums like Grace For Drowning, and Heritage, is obvious that prog/art rockers and music composers are reviving the whole prog scene of the 70's (best times for prog music, period), and I base my ideas in this, there are two lines: the first is the idea of making progressive music more mainstream, is really a challenge, but bands like Gazpacho, Porcupine Tree, Pinneaple Thief, just to name a few, are mixing in terms of music, songwritting, production and musicality influenced in mainstream succeful bands like Radiohead or Muse, for example, why? b/c these bands are modern, mainstream but have that progressive music touch and/or influence. Pinneapple Thief for example, is a mix of good song writing, Radiohead, and a little bit of art rock of the 70's. This is emerging its own name, and it is called "Post-Prog".

Despite all this, progressive music now, is tending to sound more fresh, lush, orchestrated and relying on improvisations and more experimentation (Experimental giants right now, is Mars Volta), is the real new approach of what Progressive Rock is becoming nowadays, the music is tending to be modern, but, is making its foundation on the 70's scene, with bands like Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Jethro Tull just to name a few, however, the music is tending to sound more jazzy and more eclectic, making it what progressive rock/music truly is!

I could hear this new approach in the newer Steven Wilson music, and the latest Opeth album, I mean, take Opeth for example, a death/prog/metal band, difficult to hear by some people, but do you realize the change? yeah, that's ladies and gentlemen is the approach of progressive rock of our era...and maybe, others will hate it, others not, in MY particular case I love it, it evokes the artistic feel, less compressed, more dynamic progressive rock that I love!


Iros RR

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Band Request?

I´ve been asked to join a band, yes, it was requested by an good friend of mine in terms of musicianship, (can´t give the details now), he is forming a band and he just thought about me and ask me, he said that I will be taking the singer, front-man, songwriter, background guitars job, I´m sharing the songwriter job with other dude though.

Is kind of a interesting request I think, but, some people always complain about me, because how control freak I am in terms of music, yeah, I am, and that is why I´m going solo, you know to do whatever the hell I want to do with my music, and my stuff, which is pretty a good way to be free and not sticking so much on other decisions.

I´d always considered myself very self-indulgent and very self-dependant in almost every aspect of my life, so that´s why I trained so hard to be a well-rounded musician and be able to make music by my own, but that doesn´t mean that I can´t be in a band environment, if the roles are well taken, then no problem. In a band, is different, is all about collaborations, roles and consensus, opinions are important, you are in a band because you want to interact with others musically and let them apply their talents, is rather easy...

I can´t give you to much details now, but I´m kinda tired with these highs and lows in the music department, a band? well...we have to clear up some things at the start of all this...

What I think of this?, well. is a great opportunity, a great vision, but, I will be realistic, a band for me, is like building a empire, a company, it is motion, feel, compromise, it is like building a family and most important time consuming, I compare it with relationships, LOL.

I don´t know where this could get, but it is decided that I will go for branching, and have my own stuff down my sleeves, you´ll never know what will happen....In the worst of the cases, I have my own stuff, this, will be like just giving out some of my talents and some of the things I can do to the band. In fact, some of the last things I wrote was my first contributions with the band.

I will get with all of them together, talk about stuff and see what happens, still, if this is for me, no problem, if not, I´m sticking in with my beloved stuff!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Prog Metal as my signature sound?

For me, it has been difficult to establish a certain style of music to be focused on, if you know me personally my musical visions changes every time, and that’s not new, back in the 90’s and my teens I spend lots of time hearing a totally different music that I’m hearing now, that was before I discovered Progressive Rock music back in the start of the second millennium.

From that inception I’m still sticked to it, and yeah God bless prog music, really, I thank myself for discovering it and embracing it, it definitely changed my musical formation dramatically. Needless to say, I’m stick to any kind of good music, not just progressive music, in fact I enjoy Jazz a lot, fusion, orchestral film soundtracks, metal music, I mean every type of music that is “good” despite the style, so, however I knew from the beginning that I was preparing myself musically to actually write, compose and even produce music, I knew that one single project can’t cover all, so my mind was set in multiple projects, you know, projects and side projects that cover the passion for other musical styles.

But, since the “Titan Atlas” inception, it was a band inspired in the type of music that “flow” naturally within my veins, having a musical project and a band is hard, that’s why the monster called Titan Atlas was annihilated, sadly, but, sure, I have this new project called “Skies Of Mars” that it’s centered to be my main focus and main stuff, aside from other side projects that I worked on, (Square Motion, Atomic Tangerine), I was aside all metal stuff for one purpose, metal music blinds you from things like arrangements, production, songwriting, so for 2 years now, I’ve been out for metal, because of this, and this 2 years I was having a blast hearing things like, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Steven Wilson, Blackfield, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Zappa, Minus the Bear, Billy Joel, Pete Townshend etc. even trying things in local pop rock stuff like Zoom and Bocatabu, you know to get this “feel” about songwritting and production, which is veeery important.

I have lots of stuff written here but is pretty much in a approach of good songwriting, vocal/piano and vocal/acoustic guitar kinda songs, ballads, love songs, and psychedelic/space/ambient rock things, which I learnt a lot of important stuff about chords and arrangements in that time, that for me, it’s necessary…

But yeah, since the Titan Atlas inception and creation, this is the kind of style that fits well in me, and the one who I must attain my main focus on, progressive metal and progressive rock can get up a little too extreme at times, it is intended to be a “virtuoso-shit” kind of music, and with this, looking up for musicians in DR to play this stuff is staggering and the hunt can get infinite in a way, so that’s why one of the reasons I wanted to lay low on that, and do something more “accessible” to the players…

In fact, in a band situation is normal that you end up playing others parts, and riffs, but looking for musicians who are aware of that and are at the same page of you, IS HARD!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Updates and more updates!

I’m happy to inform you that this “musical vacations” are coming to an end, I had, in a way, renew my muses immensely, I picked up the guitar one night and I wrote some cool sections, and I recorded them with my mobile phone! they ended up being cool sounding songs I suppose, I will talk about each one in a nutshell:

“Summer Rain”: This song came up one rainy night, about middle summer I think, It start with the muse of the rain falling and all that, picked up the lonely and dusty guitar, and experiment with some chords…and about 20 mins away voila! a complete song with verses, chorus, bridge and all that! have to work on the lyrics more I think…

“Between the Moon and Mars”: This song is just a mix of a lot of cool D sections that I had recorded in little pieces, the fundamental thing is structured I think…and is instrumental, maybe some of the chordy and spacey sections will end up to one or two vocal songs…in a re-orchestrated form, the song is based in a 7/8.

“Here and Away” (working title): This song is influenced a lot by Floyd, it was an idea based on: “hey, forget about those distortion riffs, and psychedelic stuff for a moment, and write a SONG, with simple chords!” haha! and yeah, it is a 4 min song base on G mayor and just 4 more chords!

“Gargantuan” (working title): This song came about 10 minutes after playing with my dusty guitar, is the last one I worked on, is a low D tuned song, one of the heavy hitters I think, very Tool-ish, I have almost all sections recorded in little pieces, but yeah, I got the whole picture of the song in my head, still have to work more the lyrics of it.

I know that I will keep writing things and experimenting, lots of the things recorded are sections and parts that I’d kept for revision, so there’s is really a lot of material in here! that could made it for a possible album or EP. this will be the songs, without counting the others demos and little experimentation that I have done with spacey and ambient music in mind:

- Light of Love

- It Burns Inside

- Happiest Days Of Our Lives

- Line That Defines

- Intertwined

- The Sorcerer

- Building the Pyramid

- Here and Away (working title)

- Summer Rain

- Between the Moon and Mars (instrumental)

- Meta Emotion (this is an acoustic song experimenting with a capo, the idea is mix songwriting with heavy stuff, not yet defined thou…)

- Disposition (another acoustic song, this one not yet polished).

- Gargantuan (working title)

*Right now writing this, I’m working in another heavy hitter, this one in standard E tuning and is very influenced by Opeth, right now I’m working on some ideas, bunch bunch of riffs are coming out!

The difficult thing here is that every song, every single one, has a different style, which can be good or bad…still after my vacations are finally over, I’m willing to keep writing, maybe 10 or 11 songs will come up, but I think I’ll write a lot more material and then choose wisely between them.

Stay tuned for more details later!!

Iros RR

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My musical vacations...stop the hiatus!

As the title of this post embraces it, I'm formally taking vacations of music activities, such as, writing, transcribing, playing, practicing, studying etc. Right now my main focus is Skies Of Mars, and this project is turning to a "stand alone" kinda thing, in this manner, I have to think bigger, and harder, not only because of the music, but everything, I'm not thinking anymore in writing individual songs, but entire albums! The recording of footage, covers, and learning parts and the "Sharing and Covering" Series will be paused too...

The last thing I worked on was the "Skies Of Mars: Musical Project Plan" which is a document presenting the guidelines and descriptions of the project itself, holding useful info for the purpose of gathering interested musicians who can be possible members of the band for making it operate.

This plan is finished, it took me almost a month to prepare it, and it has been sent for revision, but in the process of writing this plan I'd encountered that this hiatus must be paused, not only because after distributing this plan to people I must be ready to be hyped and with lots of new energies to operate this with proactivity and commitment, but because I have to be prepared, with the proper equipment and with refreshed muses.

No, Im not throwing the towel here, it's just a pause of this musical hiatus, time for preparation and being inspired again, I'm still hearing a lot of music, and try to feel inspired all the time, but, music cannot be forced, the greatest songs come out with inspiration that hit you like surprise, I know that I can write, sit on the piano, sit with the guitar and create interesting stuff, but no, with this project I really want to step out with the music, and I'm very cautious with that, simply, the music cannot be forced.

However, is obvious that I want time to think, to do other things, to spend time with my friends, with my beloved ones, with family, spend time with sun, a beach, fresh air, rather that be in my room with a pen, paper and musical instruments. The thing is, that this project is gonna be a monster and I have to be prepared for it, I have to invest myself in gear, try to be prepared to do some demos, and try to do everything on my own, writing this plan opened my eyes and I concluded, "You're not yet ready!!" that's all!

Guitar, Piano, PC, Books, will be thrown away in a corner of my room for this summer, maybe more, the time is not set yet, I will be away from the blog too, well, maybe posting other things such as news of the things or bands I'm discovering now, maybe some reviews, maybe, who knows.

See ya after this summer!



Monday, June 13, 2011

The Future of Skies Of Mars

Dear friends, fans and followers

I regret to inform you that Skies Of Mars have split up.

An explanation for this, is neither forthcoming or indeed necessary, the future of the band is rather in my own responsibility now, right now I'm working on the writing of a formal musical plan for this project for the people to really see what SOM is really about, and then evaluate it so they can accept or not the compromise, until now, SOM is transforming into a soloist and personal thing, sadly, it is the way things have to be done, at least for will be presented almost in a 90% to the interested musicians that came in the ride.

More details of this plan later

Musicians stay aware of this!


Iros RR

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Philophofia theme for a future album?

This term came to me after using google and wikipedia for quite some time investigating and after reading about topics about how human beings and the human mind have sort of this "disorders", "sickness" "phobias", "depression", "distress" and all that weird stuff. "6 Degrees of Inner Turbulence" of Dream Theater and "Fear of a Blank Planet" of Porcupine Tree, both albums kinda open me to that kind of stuff, when I encountered this term "Philophobia" I don't even knew that this kind of phobia existed, I don't even believed that this "thing" happens to actual people! It's a weird and at the same time interesting and new to me.

This whole thing and concept is inspiring me in doing a similar concept for a album, because it is too extensive to give it in just one song, so this, "thing" called Philophobia will be used for a theme, and not only that, all that kinds of "disorders", "mental stress", "sickness" and all that stuff, if you noticed is about all those things that people set in their minds that don't even is an actual danger to them, and how the people are telling that they are "sick" all the time and don't even be sick at all!


Este término vino a mí después de usar google y wikipedia desde hace bastante tiempo tras investigación y después de leer sobre temas acerca de cómo los seres humanos y la mente humana tiene este tipo de "desórdenes", "enfermedades", "fobias", "depresión", "Angustia" y todas esas cosas extrañas. "6 Degrees of Inner Turbulance" de Dream Theater y "Fear of A Blank Planet" de Porcupine Tree, ambos discos me dejo un poco abierto a ese tipo de cosas, cuando me encontré con este término "Philophobia" Yo ni siquiera sabía que este tipo de fobia existía, ni siquiera creia que esta "Cosa" le sucede a las personas! Es un extraño y al mismo tiempo interesante termino nuevo para mí.

Todo esto y el concepto es inspirarme en hacer un concepto similar para un álbum, porque es demasiado extenso para darle en una sola canción, por lo que esta, "Cosa" llamada Philophobia será utilizada para un tema, y ​​no sólo eso, todos los que tipo de "desórdenes", "el estrés mental", "enfermedades" y todas esas cosas. ¿Has notado sobre todas esas cosas que la gente encuentra en sus mentes que ni siquiera son un peligro real para ellos?, y cómo la gente está diciendo que
están "enfermos" todo el tiempo sin ni siquiera estarlo?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sharing And Covering Ep. 8 Skies Of Mars FIRST SINGLE TRAILER

For the first time ever sharing my own stuff with this project, I really never get tired of playing songs that I like (covers) but sharing my own stuff is great too!

This is like a little trailer of what can become of this song, it's planned to be the band first single though, can't wait to produce this and create a cool demo of this, so you can enjoy it more, and see how the band is sounding.

Of course some other songs will be presented too, but for now, I hope that this song catch your attention!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I had some footage and some .mov files of me playing through some of the sections of "The Sorcerer" which is the first demo planned for record and produce from my band, Skies Of Mars.

First I have to convert the files to .mp4 or .flv and do some video editing to upload some of this shit! I've been very busy lately with work and some others activities, and of course writing and stuff, I really don't have the time to recreate on a PC anymore which suck hard!...but for that matter I'm covering a "Protest The Hero" song! it will be a great bonus for this episode!

Some heavy and crazy stuff in this take I'm tellin' ya' I'm in "wolfman-mode" the beard is long! sooo the music gets heavier!! ha!

See ya next time!

and stay tuned!

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Tuve algunos imagenes y algunos archivos .mov de mí tocando a través de algunas de las secciones de "The Sorcerer", que es el primer demo planeado para grabar y producir de mi banda, Skies Of Mars.

Primero tengo que convertir los archivos a .mp4 o .flv y hacer algo de edición de vídeo para subir algo de esta mierda! He estado muy ocupado últimamente con el trabajo y algunas actividades y demás, y por supuesto de la escritura de las canciones, realmente no tengo tiempo para recrearme en un PC! ... Pero por lo demás me estoy cubriendo una cancion de "Protest The Hero", será una gran ventaja para este episodio!

Algunas cosas pesadas y locas en esta entrega que estoy en el "hombre-lobo-mode" la barba esta larga! sooo la música se hace más pesada! ja!

Nos vemos la próxima vez!

y estad atentos!

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Skies Of Mars UPDATE: 5 songs so far...

Mis writing sessions personales al pareces han dejado frutos, 5 songs hasta ahora y contando! realmente esta formato de writing sessions para la banda es mas abierto, personal y seguro, siempre he estado a favor que en todo proyecto musical 1 persona es quien toma el leading role y el driving force en la musica y en todo, es realmente una de las maneras mas seguras de que las cosas se hagan, con mi ex-banda Titan Atlas me di cuenta de esto, la experiencia no se improvisa...

The Sorcerer, It Burns Inside, The Happiest Moments Of Our Lives, Light Of Love, Intertwined son las canciones hasta ahora y realmente son muy personales...Can't wait to start demoing!!! Tambien estoy ansioso de saber que han escrito los otros...

Tengo dos canciones mas, pero no estan todavia pulidas "A Line That Defines" y "Euterpe"

Todos estos demos seran presentados a los otros miembros en .mp3 files o en .wav a ver que tal


Iros RR

Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspiration Corner (cont.)

More albums that are inspiring my muses in the music of "Skies Of Mars".

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Playlist/Inspiration Corner

- Rush - Hemispheres

- John Lennon - Plastic Ono Band

- Karnivool - Sound Awake

-Pink Floyd - Division Bell

- King Crimson - Red (40th Anniversary Edition)

- Soda Stereo - Confort y Musica para Volar (MTV Unplugged)

- The Mars Volta - De-loused in the Comatorium

- Oceansize - Everyone Into Position

- Porcupine Tree - In Absentia

*this albums are serving a lot in the influence of the Skies Of Mars music

Experimenting with Tunings

Siempre me a interesado experimentar con tunings pero es dificil ya que tienes siempre que estar cambiando y esto con pocas guitarras llega a ser un problema, con la musica y las canciones de Skies Of Mars, he querido experimentar con tunings diferentes, ya que Titan Atlas siempre se quedó en Standard Tuning.

Basicamente hasta ahora he experimentado con tunings como Low D (DADGBE) y Low C (CGCFAD), y claro el Standard Tuning para esas canciones acousticas, hasta ahora no a sido de tanto problema y es muy malo estar experimentando con muchos tunings ya que es un problema a la hora de solos, acordes etc. si es por tipos de afinaciones hay MUCHAS y RARaS!

Pero, tengo pensado escribir una pieza llamada "Euterpe" donde tiene una nuevo tunning el cual quiero explotar el cual el empleado por Robert Fripp:

"The lowest four strings are tuned just like a cello, i.e. in fifths from a low C. The second string is another fifth up from the A to an E, and the first string is a minor third up from the E to a G. Since the lowest five strings are tuned in fifths, typical fingerings for chords and scales used on the violin, cello, and mandolin are applicable here. The minor third between the top strings allow denser chords in the high range of the scale, and easier access to some elementary chord tones (typically the thirteenth for chords with the root note on the sixth string, and the ninth and flat ninth for chords with the root note on the fifth string, see chord). NST has a greater range than the Old Standard Tuning, approximately a perfect fifth greater (a major third lower and a minor third higher).

Scales across two strings in NST also line up nicely into coherent tetrachords or four-note patterns that have a visually rational relationship (whole and half-tone relationships have a remarkable symmetry that can be easier to learn than the OST whose intervals from 6 to 1 have the (inconsistent) major third thrown in the middle of the scale.
This fifths-based tuning does present a downside, however: wider harmonic intervals between consecutive strings make certain closely-voiced jazz chords impractical requiring an interpretive voicing on the part of the guitarist.

String swapping may also be advisable: the low C may be loose unless the gauge is increased and the high G may require something rather gossamer, thus many Guitar Craft participants use an .011-.058 set for acoustic."

Creo que sera algo muy muy interesante que experimentar y that's whats this band is about, enervation and experimentation!!



Iros RR

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skies Of Mars Selected Covers

Mi banda Skies of Mars y yo hemos seleccionado 2 tocar dos covers con la mentalidad de hacer videos y subirlos a la web (ojala y se cuele material propio), Tenemos dos covers hasta ahora de Porcupine Tree los cuales son: Way Out Of Here y Blackest Eyes! Trabajaremos los covers tambien para llenar mas los posibles setlist para motivos de tocaderas en vivo!

Pienso programar teclados y texturas para luego los core members le toquemos arriba, pero ojalá y se de con el full-gang de la banda, (creo que necesitare a Carlos en esto thou), realmente tengo que fajarme a ir programando todo esto y ir setiando todo poco a poco, asi que mi gente stay tuned for more details LATER!!!

Iros RR

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome...Skies Of Mars!

Skies Of Mars, es mi nueva banda, mi nueva musica y mi nuevo proyecto en el cual tengo toda mi atencion y musas, no es nada nuevo, ya que con post anteriores he dado un pequeño preview de lo que es este gran musical voyage!.

Formalmente este post es por dos razones, 1. Anunciar el nombre oficial de la banda, 2. Dar un update de en que he estado hasta ahora con la banda y su agenda, basicamente he estado tomando el leading role como moderador y main writer/director del proyecto, es una banda en la cual se concentra mucho en el songwriting en texturas, layers, produccion y musicalidad, no deja de ser un proyecto prog, y esta muy influenciado por bandas actuales del rock progresivo, la musica realmente sigue siendo muy experimental y muy interesante. Hasta ahora estoy muy fajado en el writing y arranging de esta musica, me he concentrado en baladas por ahora por las musas, pero nada mejor que tener a Diego y a Rodrigo dandome su apoyo y ayuda en todo este proceso, thank you guys!

Realmente nosotros 3 somos los core members de la banda, carlos y ronny son mas hired-gun-like musicos de Skies Of Mars, son mas realmente personajes que se llamaran para el performance de la musica en vivo, (el cual es de suma importancia), en cambio Carlos, se a prestado de gran ayuda en la produccion de la musica, el guitar production y en capturar las ideas de mis canciones, singing all this music and the melodies, y no se donde llegaria con esto, yo solo me estoy concentrando en el writing y haciendo que la musica se haga y se produzca aunque sea en demos!

Bueno, tenia tiempo que no actualizaba esto, pero, soon very soon I will keep you up with the latest news! ensayos, agenda, movidas, etc etc.

Hasta ahora a mi mente vienen 3 songs:

It Burns Inside
Light Of Love
The Sorcerer

Todavia donde las melodias y las letras entan en proceso!


no se olviden de seguirme en twitter @irosrod

Luego cuando la banda tenga mas noticias de que hablar sacare un twitter para las actualizaciones rapidas!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Things to Come!

Este proyecto, a despertado por mi interés en nuevas alternativas y en los elementos del prog clásicos como el space/psychedelic rock (Pink Floyd), experimentación (King Crimson), y por el "urge" de inducirme al songwriting (elementos vocales y líricas), interesado también en la producción, en nuevos "soundscapes", en "sounds layers", en "juego de voces" y en hacer una música mas "digerible" en general.

Los muchachos me apoyan, y es algo importante, realmente todos mis otros proyectos siguen en cola, ya que realmente e descubierto que necesito hacer MUCHAS cosas musicalmente para seguirme superando en este ámbito.

Quizás el proyecto termine sonando en una mezcla de Porcupine Tree/Tool/Karnivool/Oceansize, y quizás se envuelva en este movimiento del "new prog" que mezcla un poco lo que es el alternativo, pero realmente uno no sabe que pueda pasar, lo cual es lo mas interesante que tiene la música. Actualmente me estoy concentrando en las "Ballads" y para esto me estoy juntando con Carlos y Ronny, para las canciones mas "rock/prog driven" me juntaría con Diego y Rodrigo.

Realmente la idea es hacer un full recording and live band, todo un nuevo concepto basándose en la musicalidad que cada integrante pueda aportar.

Actualmente he estado trabajando la idea de "It Burns Inside" con Carlos, grabando demos, experimentando y demás, las otras 3 ideas que me han llegado son: 2 canciones mas en esta onda y 1 mas experimental/proggy, time to get this painted in some canvas!


Iros RR

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

100% writting process w/ "Square Motion"

Tras la pausa de "Atomic Tangerine" (rock/jazz project)*, nos hemos juntado de nuevo para pulir las songs que tenemos, empezamos con las 2 mas estructuradas. Luego del ensayo habiamos ya cerrado el writting de estas dos canciones, y ahora estamos solo trabajando en el arragement de las mismas, como ven en las fotos pusimos mucho enfasis en cerrar esos archivos ahaha


"Atomic Tangerine" jazz/rock project pausado

Hemos pausado las actividades de éste proyecto para fines de organización, al ser mas integrantes, las cosas se complican un poco a la hora de setiar horas para ensayos y días disponibles, asi que estamos esperando que Ronny (tecladista) termine un curso que esta cojiendo los Sabados, realmente es una pausa necesaria, pero tenemos todos bien pensado que le daremos con todo lo que tengamos en el proyecto.

Sin embargo, he tenido pensado visitar a cada integrante por separado para consolidar ideas y cosas, realmente es una pausa que traerá cosas buenas!!, en esta pausa Diego y yo nos hemos puesto a solidificar el material de "Square Motion" (Prog/Rock/Metal/Trio) ya que tenemos muy buen material, le estamos dando duro a eso!

Stay tune for more updates!!!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Diary: day 1 "Atomic Tangerine" (working title)

Es el primer dia con un ensayo/jam formal con el nuevo y full line up! fue una experiencia que no se puede describir con palabras, el cuarto estaba tan lleno de buenos talentos, la quimica era inmutable!

Primero empezamos con un jameo con un drum groove que diego tiro, no fue coincidencia cuando Ronny dijo: Estamos en Cm!, y de ahi, Yo entro con un Cm7sus4 chord en clean! y desde ahí Guti con un walking! COOL SHIT!!

Luego nos fuimos ya esparciendo mas y mas, I switched to distortion (a lite one) and began to syncopate with Diego, jajaja Guti nos miro y dijo: hmm hagamos algo donde todos estemos conglomerados!! luego planificó un improvisado "jazz/blues" haciendo el bajo de Cm, F, Cm, y Bb (compases de blues) repetimos mucho esta progresion y ronny y yo nos la comimos!! :D

Luego enfatizamos ideas the Ronny, lo que me viene a la mente fue el "The Happiest Day" como yo la llame, jjjaja algo basado en Amaj7, y luego otra que le llamé "Oncenas" tambien idea de Ronny, donde se basó en Dm11, Cm11 y Em11 como passing chord!! fue basado en un riff en el rhodes creo, muy cool!!!

Al final, del dia, empezamos Diego y yo a tocar "Slinky Pouch" y ellos le empezaron a caer atras!, al final todos recogimos hablamos un rato, y todo va viento en popa! cada quien se siente inspirado y retado!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New "Covering And Sharing" Episodes!!

En lo que estoy postiando estoy aqui subiendo el ultimo episodio de "Covering and Sharing"!!
el cual es una nueva forma de "Vblog" semanal mas o menos de subir videos relacionado con covers y follow ups a canciones cool *laughs.

Stay tune soon para el proximo episodio!! xD

bueno les dejare los links aqui:

Estan en facebook, pero los subiré luego a youtube cuando tenga tiempo!!


Monday, January 3, 2011

A new year!

Un nuevo año comienza, y estamos con el proyecto en pie, no he tenido la suerte necesaria para levantar un proyecto, lo economico ha sido tambien una limitante, pero creo que ya llegó el momento, ESTE ES EL Año!

Tengo para decirles mi gente, que el proyecto tomará un giro medio drastico, estamos pensando mezclar lo que hemos hecho y meterle mas "jazz" a la musica, la musica seguira siendo, heavy, improvised, well-written, progressive! quizas estarian pensando que siempre e tenido limitante para hacer proyectos prog por los musicos, pero esta vez la suerte llegó en el mejor momento!!

Me he puesto en contacto con unos musicos BUENISIMOS, jovenes e incluso hasta jazzeros, Guti Rodriguez, y Ronny Cruz para implementarlo en lo que Diego y Yo estamos haciendo, incluso estamos pensando en meter un saxofonista al gang, en fin, mucho ideales y hype, pero quizas llegue hacer un super side project, ya que son musicos MUY ocupados y profesionales, no sabemos donde realmente terminaremos ni como lo hagamos, lo importante es que tenemos la puerta abierta para levantar esto.

Realmente desearia que el proyecto (banda) sea algo fijo, pero realmente no me puedo dar el lujo de "secuestrar" estos musicos *jajajaja, realmente los "core" members somos Diego y Yo, por lo menos por ahora, quien sabe...

Quisiera agregar que Rodrigo (miembro fundador bajista del proyecto) se ha apartado de nosotros por otros intereses musicales, a decidido hacer un proyecto por su cuenta, a su estilo!, realmente respeto eso, y seria genial que lo haga para que siga aprendiendo como musico, y luego quien sabe, si podriamos algun dia colaborar en algun proyecto!

Realmente estoy MUY en esto, este mixture de jazz con prog/rock es muy interesante y algo nuevo para mi, sigue siendo un super reto, pero siempre todo en mi vida, es "trial and error",
wish you the best a todos este nuevo año y....BEHOLD!!!

The new Square Motion lineup is now a reality!!!

Iros Rodriguez - Guitar, Programing
Guti Rodriguez - Bass
Ronny Cruz - Keyboards, Synths, Rhodes, Hammond
Diego Fariña - Drums and Percussion
Sax ???

Until next post!!!