Friday, February 5, 2016

"8-Bit Mobs" band in the works!

I'm directing some proper music for our first set list, ranging from classic to modern Nintendo game music, as I am writing this I'm assembling a band with fellow musicians friends and gamers, and yes! We are starting to work on the parts, Metroid music is very crazy I should say.

Our first concert is around the corner this year, it'll be our launch as a gaming music cover band, It'll be fun no doubt! I'm thinking in learning to play new instruments for this, a Ocarina! yeah! I have to buy one to begin my own practice sessions. In the guitar department, I can be a lil' bit sloppy but with a good warm-up I can still go on track I think. We all are looking for this day, still we do not know the exact date of the gaming event we will be performing, for now, time to learn all those gaming themes!

Here I leave you my dream line-up:

Iros Rodriguez - Lead Guitar, Ocarina
Glenn Lopez - 8 String guitar, Background Guitars
Jose Joaquin D' Orville - Synths and Keyboards
Jorge Delgado - Bass
Bernard Rodriguez - Drums

Still not all musicians confirmed, but hey! this is a step forward right?