Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Working on some instrumental tunes...

Hi all,

Right now I'm working on some instrumental tunes and demos, I'm not thinking too much and just pick my guitar, keys and some riffs, in fact I'm beginning to practice my music production tricks and demoing some tracks. It's time consuming, b/c I have to spend too many hours in my studio to write, record, mix, etc. and, well...this can be good or bad... don't know...

So, this is a little teaser of a song that I've been working on these days, I want to record some real drums in the future, but I can't right now... I'm mic'ing real guitars thou!

Here it is! Take a listen and enjoy it, I will work on more tunes after this one, so stay in tune for that!!

I know that I haven't been very productive in a while, and I know that you all are expecting more guitar playing and more songwriting, yes, I know that my songwriter side is sleeping here, but I'm not sure yet if I'm doing vocal stuff now...my singing voice sucks!! haha!

God Bless you all!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Focused in Music Production more than ever

Is a very difficult life that we're all live in, I surely don't have time for many things now, life change you know... Thanks God for everything thou, but I've encountered that I have less and less time for musical things than ever. In fact, I rarely pick an instrument now, have tons of months without playing a single lick or riff, haven't recorded anything, haven't upload a video of some sort, nothing...

However thou, my creative juices have been diminished for a while now, and this is bad!, I haven't wrote anything new since last year or so. I surely have been interested in other musical things like Music Production for example and making records, and it take AGES to be good at it by trial and error. As a Christian musician right now I know that God have something more epic prepared for me in the musical realm, but it's in God's time not in my own verdict.  I know that in this new way of life God will provide and will open new doors, boundaries and new experiences for me thou.

In fact, I have reached important milestones in my home studio now, thanks God for that!, I will post pictures of that later, it's not finished yet thou...but it will! sure, by God's will. I have been very chilled thou, and with time everything is getting complete little by little. I know that you haven't heard of me in a while, but there's so much going on in my life right now, some good stuff happening, can't be more grateful!

I'm still practicing and turning knobs you know, practicing a lot, mixing a lot, try to produce some good sounding demos myself and so on, still is musically the most important thing for me now, and believe me, it takes time and a lot of effort, it takes even YEARS to be good at this!

Well, later then!

God bless you all!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Music Theory Vs. The Real Deal

Hi all

In this post I'm going to talk about another topic that is bugging me for awhile, yeah, I know that recently my posts are just based on topics that bugs me LOL, but anyways I haven't wrote something for a while now so here we go.

Ok, right now I've encountered that a lot of musicians just focus on reading books of music theory, focus in being sort of a like a "music theorist" less than write music and create music on their own, and this for me is just ridiculous! think about it, they study hard, they always talk about complex harmony and theories, for what?? for nothing! because what they usually do is not using any of that at all in the writing of music (which is the main purpose of it I think) and this my friends, is lame, so lame.

This is what happens, they think that they are experts and master of harmony and theory, what you expect is that they become musical geniuses of some sort, but nothing happens, they just play their instrument, practice that, grab the real book or whatever and start to make covers and play them live for the sake of be outside playing, they are commonly teachers too (you know they have a lot of information in their heads so what better thing to do to pass out this info to a beginner and feel like a master of music). For me that doesn't make any sense to me, why? because there is really no artistic enervation, no artistic vision, nothing. You have to WRITE music, have a musical vision beyond what's available in you area or market, try to innovate above all things!

It's kind of rewarding when I encounter some dude on Youtube that writes awesome music, play the hell out of his instrument and he just say: "I don't even know the name of this chords, I don't even know what a melodic minor scale is, I don't know too much of that crap!" THIS my friends is talent, is vision, is passion for music.

And I will tell this one more time, don't get me wrong on this, music theory fundamentals are very important in terms of composition, playing, improvisation, and communication with other musicians, it is, I have read a lot of books and I for sure know my stuff, but why just focus on that?? Why get crazy with all the theories and concepts? is useless, think of it, try to do something else, focus on writing, on production, a vision, etc.

I tell you this, for me, what makes a good musician is not the theoretical background that he have, is the inner ear that he posses, and that is what makes us musicians from people who are not musicians, our EAR, I know a lot of musicians who know every single music theory book, every page of it, but have terrible ear and terrible metronomic precision, and that's for me is a rubbishy type of musician...you know those musicians who really doesn't know yet how to play real tight with a band or how to improvise freely or how to write a simple song!

For you musicians out there who can be identified with this, take this in consideration and begin to puts those books down for a while, focus on other musical stuff, try to think that the more theory that you eat, the more your music at the end will be a product of that, it will be a very mechanical music, dull, loaded with lots of forced time signatures with no sense of feeling at all and your music will be just like a licence card of "I know music theory" and believe me, that's not the goal, Who whats to create music that cannot communicate something? dull and crappy? remember, this is an art form like any other, is expression, is an extension of our souls, is music.


Iros RR

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Songwriter Hat

It’s been like FOREVER since the last time I posted something, but still I’m here, don’t forget about me now people!

On the last post I mentioned that until this date I would be kind of absent and taken out my musician hat for a while. I just had others kind of things that I had to put my attention into. But the thing is that right now I have total attention to musical things and total attention on my musical projects.

Right now at this moment I putting my mind and efforts to a couple of things, first, is my home studio, yes, I’m planning to build one, and this takes a LOT of money, gear and time, I would begin to record some music with the little recording gear available, so I can practice mixing, overall production, ideas and so on, then I can maybe create some GOOD sounding demos.

Another thing that my mind is focused on is in the first project that would come out, there’s A LOT of things that I want to do musically, and I’m kind of undecided on what to embrace, you know a thing based around in the fact that I play a lot styles of music, and don’t really know what to do, so many things: There is a progressive rock band (70’s inspired), a more modern alternative/post-rock band with progressive elements, a jazz/rock (fusion) trio (instrumental music), songwriter thing (simple 4 chord songs, guitar/voice, or piano/voice), electronic-music experimentation very Krautrock inspired with lots of sampling, a very modern-edgy metal band, etc.

Believe me there’s a bunch of stuff, very different to each other, some musicians friends have told me that just do whatever I feel to do at this moment, and that embracing a lot of simultaneous projects will tend to provoke a backfire in which in my opinion they are absolutely right.

This is the briefcase of musical things in my mind right now, maybe in the future it can change, but this is what I got to present right now, and I tell you folks, I really don’t know how to begin, right now I’m writing and composing under the “Skies Of Mars” name, which it may be my main musical project right now. And I am throwing everything there.

But the thing is, that right now I’m taking my “songwriter hat” and taking this songwriter thing more and more seriously, I'm getting very inspired by artist like Nick Harper, Bernhoft, Ari Hest etc. you know forgetting about fancy riffs, Dorian licks, crazy unisons, big lengthy tunes and just be able to write a 4 chords songs you know.


Iros RR