Friday, April 12, 2013

The Songwriter Hat

It’s been like FOREVER since the last time I posted something, but still I’m here, don’t forget about me now people!

On the last post I mentioned that until this date I would be kind of absent and taken out my musician hat for a while. I just had others kind of things that I had to put my attention into. But the thing is that right now I have total attention to musical things and total attention on my musical projects.

Right now at this moment I putting my mind and efforts to a couple of things, first, is my home studio, yes, I’m planning to build one, and this takes a LOT of money, gear and time, I would begin to record some music with the little recording gear available, so I can practice mixing, overall production, ideas and so on, then I can maybe create some GOOD sounding demos.

Another thing that my mind is focused on is in the first project that would come out, there’s A LOT of things that I want to do musically, and I’m kind of undecided on what to embrace, you know a thing based around in the fact that I play a lot styles of music, and don’t really know what to do, so many things: There is a progressive rock band (70’s inspired), a more modern alternative/post-rock band with progressive elements, a jazz/rock (fusion) trio (instrumental music), songwriter thing (simple 4 chord songs, guitar/voice, or piano/voice), electronic-music experimentation very Krautrock inspired with lots of sampling, a very modern-edgy metal band, etc.

Believe me there’s a bunch of stuff, very different to each other, some musicians friends have told me that just do whatever I feel to do at this moment, and that embracing a lot of simultaneous projects will tend to provoke a backfire in which in my opinion they are absolutely right.

This is the briefcase of musical things in my mind right now, maybe in the future it can change, but this is what I got to present right now, and I tell you folks, I really don’t know how to begin, right now I’m writing and composing under the “Skies Of Mars” name, which it may be my main musical project right now. And I am throwing everything there.

But the thing is, that right now I’m taking my “songwriter hat” and taking this songwriter thing more and more seriously, I'm getting very inspired by artist like Nick Harper, Bernhoft, Ari Hest etc. you know forgetting about fancy riffs, Dorian licks, crazy unisons, big lengthy tunes and just be able to write a 4 chords songs you know.


Iros RR

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