Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My REAL Soundcloud account!

I have been receiving a lot of feedback and followers from my false soundcloud account, let me explain, originally at the beginning I created a normal account but one day I signed in with the stupid Facebook button by mistake, the thing signed in creating another account. I know I have pointed out this several times, but I'm still receiving lots of messages and followers on my "false" account. The weird thing of all this is that I'd tried in deleting this account but, it never deletes!!, anyway here's the link of my real SoundCloud Account:

Here you can access and hear a few of my sounds and things, in fact, some future demos and works will be posted there!

So stay tune to that!!



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The world of music is for hermits?

I've found that music in every aspect is a very intimate, inspirational, spiritual, technical and even methodical thing, by this I told you that if you want to be a good musician who plays and write good music or maybe even produce it requires TIME, and a lot of it. Maybe for you writing a song is easy, but to give the final touches, recording it and add ideas here and there, is a time consuming task.

And I've come to the conclusion that if you want to make good sounding and unique music you have to drive yourself out of the social stuff that you've been into, you have to take time to practice your instrument, listen to music, write music and by that I mean not just "listen" for the sake of listening, I mean real focused LISTENING between you and your 5.1 system, or your great sounding stereo. Listening music while running, doing exercise or at work is different, totally different, so yeah, you have to do that in order to focus yourself on the music held down on your musical project, and if you want to produce it yourself, even more. Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Engineering WILL take a lot of your precious "social" time. 

However, I'm talking about the real musician here, the musician who is up to make experimental music, different music, unique music, gorgeous music, not the one that is making shit for the sake of being cool and being in a band just to impress the girls. Music is dedication, hard work, and like any other business is planning, is thinking straight, is scheduling. So, I tell you, musical projects came with compromise, sacrifice and time. In my personal case I just had like ONE real band or musical project, and it was of course Titan Atlas, it never came out I know, and by that I mean an album and all that, all the other stuff was just jamming bands from school and not REAL bands that were into composition, writing and producing records. I've found myself "driving" from society for doing this stuff and I know that it will get more and more drastic with more compromise in producing a record or so. But that's it I think, for example, Do you want to be a good painter? Ok, just paint and paint and focus on that, not in what's outside that canvas! you know what I mean right? The real musician can get caught on this stuff and time vacuum type of thing for making music and for the sake and passion of it, but, I say this to you, It WILL be rewarding. Guaranteed.