Sunday, June 26, 2011

My musical vacations...stop the hiatus!

As the title of this post embraces it, I'm formally taking vacations of music activities, such as, writing, transcribing, playing, practicing, studying etc. Right now my main focus is Skies Of Mars, and this project is turning to a "stand alone" kinda thing, in this manner, I have to think bigger, and harder, not only because of the music, but everything, I'm not thinking anymore in writing individual songs, but entire albums! The recording of footage, covers, and learning parts and the "Sharing and Covering" Series will be paused too...

The last thing I worked on was the "Skies Of Mars: Musical Project Plan" which is a document presenting the guidelines and descriptions of the project itself, holding useful info for the purpose of gathering interested musicians who can be possible members of the band for making it operate.

This plan is finished, it took me almost a month to prepare it, and it has been sent for revision, but in the process of writing this plan I'd encountered that this hiatus must be paused, not only because after distributing this plan to people I must be ready to be hyped and with lots of new energies to operate this with proactivity and commitment, but because I have to be prepared, with the proper equipment and with refreshed muses.

No, Im not throwing the towel here, it's just a pause of this musical hiatus, time for preparation and being inspired again, I'm still hearing a lot of music, and try to feel inspired all the time, but, music cannot be forced, the greatest songs come out with inspiration that hit you like surprise, I know that I can write, sit on the piano, sit with the guitar and create interesting stuff, but no, with this project I really want to step out with the music, and I'm very cautious with that, simply, the music cannot be forced.

However, is obvious that I want time to think, to do other things, to spend time with my friends, with my beloved ones, with family, spend time with sun, a beach, fresh air, rather that be in my room with a pen, paper and musical instruments. The thing is, that this project is gonna be a monster and I have to be prepared for it, I have to invest myself in gear, try to be prepared to do some demos, and try to do everything on my own, writing this plan opened my eyes and I concluded, "You're not yet ready!!" that's all!

Guitar, Piano, PC, Books, will be thrown away in a corner of my room for this summer, maybe more, the time is not set yet, I will be away from the blog too, well, maybe posting other things such as news of the things or bands I'm discovering now, maybe some reviews, maybe, who knows.

See ya after this summer!



Monday, June 13, 2011

The Future of Skies Of Mars

Dear friends, fans and followers

I regret to inform you that Skies Of Mars have split up.

An explanation for this, is neither forthcoming or indeed necessary, the future of the band is rather in my own responsibility now, right now I'm working on the writing of a formal musical plan for this project for the people to really see what SOM is really about, and then evaluate it so they can accept or not the compromise, until now, SOM is transforming into a soloist and personal thing, sadly, it is the way things have to be done, at least for will be presented almost in a 90% to the interested musicians that came in the ride.

More details of this plan later

Musicians stay aware of this!


Iros RR