Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Working on some instrumental tunes...

Hi all,

Right now I'm working on some instrumental tunes and demos, I'm not thinking too much and just pick my guitar, keys and some riffs, in fact I'm beginning to practice my music production tricks and demoing some tracks. It's time consuming, b/c I have to spend too many hours in my studio to write, record, mix, etc. and, well...this can be good or bad... don't know...

So, this is a little teaser of a song that I've been working on these days, I want to record some real drums in the future, but I can't right now... I'm mic'ing real guitars thou!

Here it is! Take a listen and enjoy it, I will work on more tunes after this one, so stay in tune for that!!

I know that I haven't been very productive in a while, and I know that you all are expecting more guitar playing and more songwriting, yes, I know that my songwriter side is sleeping here, but I'm not sure yet if I'm doing vocal stuff now...my singing voice sucks!! haha!

God Bless you all!