Monday, September 19, 2011

A Band Request?

I´ve been asked to join a band, yes, it was requested by an good friend of mine in terms of musicianship, (can´t give the details now), he is forming a band and he just thought about me and ask me, he said that I will be taking the singer, front-man, songwriter, background guitars job, I´m sharing the songwriter job with other dude though.

Is kind of a interesting request I think, but, some people always complain about me, because how control freak I am in terms of music, yeah, I am, and that is why I´m going solo, you know to do whatever the hell I want to do with my music, and my stuff, which is pretty a good way to be free and not sticking so much on other decisions.

I´d always considered myself very self-indulgent and very self-dependant in almost every aspect of my life, so that´s why I trained so hard to be a well-rounded musician and be able to make music by my own, but that doesn´t mean that I can´t be in a band environment, if the roles are well taken, then no problem. In a band, is different, is all about collaborations, roles and consensus, opinions are important, you are in a band because you want to interact with others musically and let them apply their talents, is rather easy...

I can´t give you to much details now, but I´m kinda tired with these highs and lows in the music department, a band? well...we have to clear up some things at the start of all this...

What I think of this?, well. is a great opportunity, a great vision, but, I will be realistic, a band for me, is like building a empire, a company, it is motion, feel, compromise, it is like building a family and most important time consuming, I compare it with relationships, LOL.

I don´t know where this could get, but it is decided that I will go for branching, and have my own stuff down my sleeves, you´ll never know what will happen....In the worst of the cases, I have my own stuff, this, will be like just giving out some of my talents and some of the things I can do to the band. In fact, some of the last things I wrote was my first contributions with the band.

I will get with all of them together, talk about stuff and see what happens, still, if this is for me, no problem, if not, I´m sticking in with my beloved stuff!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Prog Metal as my signature sound?

For me, it has been difficult to establish a certain style of music to be focused on, if you know me personally my musical visions changes every time, and that’s not new, back in the 90’s and my teens I spend lots of time hearing a totally different music that I’m hearing now, that was before I discovered Progressive Rock music back in the start of the second millennium.

From that inception I’m still sticked to it, and yeah God bless prog music, really, I thank myself for discovering it and embracing it, it definitely changed my musical formation dramatically. Needless to say, I’m stick to any kind of good music, not just progressive music, in fact I enjoy Jazz a lot, fusion, orchestral film soundtracks, metal music, I mean every type of music that is “good” despite the style, so, however I knew from the beginning that I was preparing myself musically to actually write, compose and even produce music, I knew that one single project can’t cover all, so my mind was set in multiple projects, you know, projects and side projects that cover the passion for other musical styles.

But, since the “Titan Atlas” inception, it was a band inspired in the type of music that “flow” naturally within my veins, having a musical project and a band is hard, that’s why the monster called Titan Atlas was annihilated, sadly, but, sure, I have this new project called “Skies Of Mars” that it’s centered to be my main focus and main stuff, aside from other side projects that I worked on, (Square Motion, Atomic Tangerine), I was aside all metal stuff for one purpose, metal music blinds you from things like arrangements, production, songwriting, so for 2 years now, I’ve been out for metal, because of this, and this 2 years I was having a blast hearing things like, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Steven Wilson, Blackfield, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Zappa, Minus the Bear, Billy Joel, Pete Townshend etc. even trying things in local pop rock stuff like Zoom and Bocatabu, you know to get this “feel” about songwritting and production, which is veeery important.

I have lots of stuff written here but is pretty much in a approach of good songwriting, vocal/piano and vocal/acoustic guitar kinda songs, ballads, love songs, and psychedelic/space/ambient rock things, which I learnt a lot of important stuff about chords and arrangements in that time, that for me, it’s necessary…

But yeah, since the Titan Atlas inception and creation, this is the kind of style that fits well in me, and the one who I must attain my main focus on, progressive metal and progressive rock can get up a little too extreme at times, it is intended to be a “virtuoso-shit” kind of music, and with this, looking up for musicians in DR to play this stuff is staggering and the hunt can get infinite in a way, so that’s why one of the reasons I wanted to lay low on that, and do something more “accessible” to the players…

In fact, in a band situation is normal that you end up playing others parts, and riffs, but looking for musicians who are aware of that and are at the same page of you, IS HARD!