Saturday, November 12, 2011

Master Ires Video Series!

Hello fans, followers and friends:

I´m here posting this to inform you some of my new parody and funny videos I´m creating and producing with my good friend Angel Ramos!! it´s funny because this whole idea of making a character named ¨Master Ires¨ in a very humorous way, right now, there´s a youtube channel created named ¨MasterIres¨and even a Facebook fan page! LOL!, I suggest checking that out!!

The first video is up! and it talks more about the Portnoy Drama, presenting some news about the progressive world and some other stuff.

In the future we are thinking in producing a series of 4 videos called ¨Why Master Ires haven't established a band yet!?¨ describing real band situations in form of parody, portraying why it´s so difficult and inconvenient to form a band in here, stay tuned for that!!

Right now, the creative progress is only focused on parody and humorous stuff, but you will be expecting others things like, interviews, documentaries, and of course, videos of me, playing, singing, covering both, covers and own material!

In case you had missed it, there´s our first video:

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