Monday, August 8, 2011

Updates and more updates!

I’m happy to inform you that this “musical vacations” are coming to an end, I had, in a way, renew my muses immensely, I picked up the guitar one night and I wrote some cool sections, and I recorded them with my mobile phone! they ended up being cool sounding songs I suppose, I will talk about each one in a nutshell:

“Summer Rain”: This song came up one rainy night, about middle summer I think, It start with the muse of the rain falling and all that, picked up the lonely and dusty guitar, and experiment with some chords…and about 20 mins away voila! a complete song with verses, chorus, bridge and all that! have to work on the lyrics more I think…

“Between the Moon and Mars”: This song is just a mix of a lot of cool D sections that I had recorded in little pieces, the fundamental thing is structured I think…and is instrumental, maybe some of the chordy and spacey sections will end up to one or two vocal songs…in a re-orchestrated form, the song is based in a 7/8.

“Here and Away” (working title): This song is influenced a lot by Floyd, it was an idea based on: “hey, forget about those distortion riffs, and psychedelic stuff for a moment, and write a SONG, with simple chords!” haha! and yeah, it is a 4 min song base on G mayor and just 4 more chords!

“Gargantuan” (working title): This song came about 10 minutes after playing with my dusty guitar, is the last one I worked on, is a low D tuned song, one of the heavy hitters I think, very Tool-ish, I have almost all sections recorded in little pieces, but yeah, I got the whole picture of the song in my head, still have to work more the lyrics of it.

I know that I will keep writing things and experimenting, lots of the things recorded are sections and parts that I’d kept for revision, so there’s is really a lot of material in here! that could made it for a possible album or EP. this will be the songs, without counting the others demos and little experimentation that I have done with spacey and ambient music in mind:

- Light of Love

- It Burns Inside

- Happiest Days Of Our Lives

- Line That Defines

- Intertwined

- The Sorcerer

- Building the Pyramid

- Here and Away (working title)

- Summer Rain

- Between the Moon and Mars (instrumental)

- Meta Emotion (this is an acoustic song experimenting with a capo, the idea is mix songwriting with heavy stuff, not yet defined thou…)

- Disposition (another acoustic song, this one not yet polished).

- Gargantuan (working title)

*Right now writing this, I’m working in another heavy hitter, this one in standard E tuning and is very influenced by Opeth, right now I’m working on some ideas, bunch bunch of riffs are coming out!

The difficult thing here is that every song, every single one, has a different style, which can be good or bad…still after my vacations are finally over, I’m willing to keep writing, maybe 10 or 11 songs will come up, but I think I’ll write a lot more material and then choose wisely between them.

Stay tuned for more details later!!

Iros RR

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