Saturday, October 29, 2011

Progressive Music of Our Era

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I've been absent a lot lately, let's say my life has changed, a new job, a lot more of responsibilities, no so much time to spare, you know...but well here I am, in this post I will be rather talking a few things about how progressive music has been in this late year, and maybe do a little recap on some albums that make me feel in that way.

Of course prog fans out there know more about the topic and can argue about this, but I will express despite my knowledge in the topic. First of all, progressive music, is turning now in 2011 to be different, to be more accessible and not so under grounded as 10-15 years from now, with albums like Grace For Drowning, and Heritage, is obvious that prog/art rockers and music composers are reviving the whole prog scene of the 70's (best times for prog music, period), and I base my ideas in this, there are two lines: the first is the idea of making progressive music more mainstream, is really a challenge, but bands like Gazpacho, Porcupine Tree, Pinneaple Thief, just to name a few, are mixing in terms of music, songwritting, production and musicality influenced in mainstream succeful bands like Radiohead or Muse, for example, why? b/c these bands are modern, mainstream but have that progressive music touch and/or influence. Pinneapple Thief for example, is a mix of good song writing, Radiohead, and a little bit of art rock of the 70's. This is emerging its own name, and it is called "Post-Prog".

Despite all this, progressive music now, is tending to sound more fresh, lush, orchestrated and relying on improvisations and more experimentation (Experimental giants right now, is Mars Volta), is the real new approach of what Progressive Rock is becoming nowadays, the music is tending to be modern, but, is making its foundation on the 70's scene, with bands like Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and Jethro Tull just to name a few, however, the music is tending to sound more jazzy and more eclectic, making it what progressive rock/music truly is!

I could hear this new approach in the newer Steven Wilson music, and the latest Opeth album, I mean, take Opeth for example, a death/prog/metal band, difficult to hear by some people, but do you realize the change? yeah, that's ladies and gentlemen is the approach of progressive rock of our era...and maybe, others will hate it, others not, in MY particular case I love it, it evokes the artistic feel, less compressed, more dynamic progressive rock that I love!


Iros RR

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