Monday, November 2, 2015

I'm an Invisible Bright Man...

Another update here, this year I have met wonderful people and met new awesome people in my life, and have been dedicating a lot of my time to them. I have reconnected with some lost friendships of the past and have been very social oriented in my life really. One of my flaws as an artist is that I'm very introverted and solitary. Well, artists tend to do this and work on isolation they say.

Well but this update is not something about my personal life and all that stuff, let's talk about music feats right? A lot of people ask me about my music, what I'm doing, what I'm preparing, and I told them the same thing everytime: "Music is slow" and they know why, I'm not in musical moods lately because I have been focusing on others priorities in my life now.

Of course, I have a lot of projects in mind and my Songwriter thing is coming out great, which is the only musical thing that I'm keeping alive. Why? b/c is very easy to do it, I just pick up my guitar and that's it, the difficult part is to produce this music and sit in my studio and record/mix/produce these songs. I will in the future yes, but what I'm talking really is on those ambitious big projects that I had in mind, I think, not for sure, that I'm throwing the towel with those pompous projects, I really don't feel inspired enough and fueled to do it anymore.

But I will tell you this, I can surprise you all one day, just one day, b/c I'm working more and more in isolation and not making the same mistake of telling everyone what I'm doing before releasing something. But people think that I'm doing this songwriting thing searching for a more mainstream or music success, and it is not the case, this is something for me to embrace new boundaries, new grounds, practice my singing, focus on real songs, and not riffs, focus on my expression and feelings more and more, music for me is like a healing potion or a magical healing pill, a drug that I always need.

In other words, I'm an isolated, solitaire, invisible bright man in music really, an unsung hero I should say really, I'm not looking for money in all of this, nor success, nor fame, I really don't care. So don't think I'd stopped or I'm doing something more "mainstream" for the sake of commercial success or money. But life, life is passing by, it is getting harder and harder everyday it passes, and I'm just concentrating on that good things that life give you to embrace and lift up your spirit. That's all.

I should write more I think, writing tends to heal a little bit too!


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