Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Settled musical plans and projects 2015

Hi all!

Haven't touched my guitar or keyboards in quite some time, in fact, I still want to record some songs out of the "Songsmith" project that I worked on this passed months. But now I got in a cooldown state right now to settled some things up in the music department of my life. I'm still going through the motions of some other things with my daily life, like business, project plans, meetings, clients, entrepreneurship and so on.

As you can see, I have lots of projects on hold and a lot of unfinished musical things going on, so I have decided to sit up straight and organize the matter. At the start of this year, I went through the constant motion of this "Harp of David" thing, by writing songs with a different lyrical approach and ways of work. But now, thinking it straight, I have too many unfinished projects to rely on new things, and embracing new projects without finishing others, is a sickness that I suffer so much, which I have to take measures on and set things down once and for all.

Right now, as I organizing and preparing gaming events through my company, I will introduce gaming music to the formula and create a musical platform by itself doing gaming music covers as concerts in my events. Just for the fun really, it will fun to play and perform gaming music, in fact right now I'm gathering musicians for the job, which is the most difficult part of it.

Aside from events and gaming, my normal musical duties will resume in this Skies of Mars reboot, which, will be my main musical project for everything I'll write. Gathering musicians here is more difficult, because some musicians don't want to compromise that much, in fact, I contacted a long time friend keyboard player and he told me that he will be only supporting me in the gaming music thing, not my real band, I understood why.

The only thing keeping me out is the musicians, some of them don't want to compromise, some others don't want to play my music and just want to write stuff, some others are unreachable, etc. It's hard, that's why is a solo project because I don't want to depend on others to write music.

So, this is the summary of all the musical things that I will be doing in the future: 2 gaming music cover bands and my main band Skies of Mars. Stay tune for more details!

2015 musical projects/bands