Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Songsmith Project: Angel White Wings

I recorded this one out of the "Songsmith Project" sorry for the background noise I'm trying to get rid of it! Maybe I will try to record some others! We will see!

Music and lyrics by Iros Rodriguez

I've never tried to forgive now
of what I can see
I've never tried to be gone now
I want to break free
I see angel white wings

I've never tried to get close now
of what I must see
I've never thought on this for now
of art and beauty
I see angel white wings

Flying withdrew higher
Run to be true
It flies, black and white
Just to try

Wandering through
Clean and refresh to my eyes
Feel like a fool
Art-form required to move

Angel white wings
Clean and refresh to my eyes
Angel white wings
Art-form required to break free

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