Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Pseudo Production

This is the thing that I'm embracing the most these days, something I call "Pseudo Production", it is my way of thinking I'm a real producer in a real studio and learn in the process, (where I'm actually a bedroom producer in fact), I'm in the process of writing an entire album for this year, I don't really know where I can go with it but I'm trying to do something with the things I have, no more no less.

So let me explain what I'm doing, simply I am writing and demoing music in a real DAW with my Computer in my bedroom and I always learn and try new things, for example, as overdubbing myself everything, What is the best thing to do? Record everything?, in what order? what methods? Recording drums and bass first? or not? how to record a complex bass riff with a midi keyboard? recording with a click or not? and tons and tons of other questions... I'm demoing some tunes and creating an arrangement as I write and record, is a total pain, lot of edits, programing, recording takes, recording on time, doubling guitar riffs with the midi keyboard, and believe me my music is not conventional, is not 4/4 the whole time, is complex stuff and this really compensates in the production.

My goal is not to record an award winning sounding record, but to demo the songs, create the vibe for them and the arrangement, luckily... I'm all alone in this process so it can be very time consuming and stressful, in fact I think that today I have to re-record almost everything in a song that I wrote and record the finals overdubs, something yet is not right to me, and yes, you have to be perfectionist in all of this, something that is not my forte so to speak.

I'm trying to complete a progress sheet, as I write/record the demo for each individual song. I use my smartphone to capture lots of ideas also, but the sheet is based on the whole process of writing and demoing, just marking X's where some process is complete for each song, it can be the writing itself or some recordings, for example: electric guitars, drums, bass, vocals, overdubs, etc. It keep things organize and tidy, I never use it myself and it is a very common practice for real record producers nowadays, is fun and you can see the whole progress going, I will later post a picture of it!

I'm not a very psychorigid person, not a very organized one either, but this like this helps me a lot in complete the workflow, I'm using tools like "Trello" which is a app for the Google Chrome browser to keep track of everything as a whole: Writing, Demoing, Recording, Mixing, Mastering etc. I will release the whole thing in demo version, pass it down to musicians and be able to recorded well in a proper conditioned studio. I hope I don't break the bank with this last one!

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