Friday, January 10, 2014

Updates and plans for 2014

Alright folks, yeah yeah I know, long time I haven't post anything, but hey, It's a new year!! Yeah, 2014 is now here and I have new plans in mind (hopefully). Recently I have been in so many things at the same time and the only musical thing I'm doing is playing at church, I don't even have time to play some videogames nor LISTEN to music anymore!! (which sucks btw).

In fact, so many blessings had came along the way, so I feel really good. I'm beginning to have great gear to suit up my musical needs, guitars, FX's, Power Speakers (Monitors), Midi Keyboard, Plugins, I mean, I bunch of stuff. I haven't wrote a complete thing in YEARS, and I'm planning to do some serious writing by this year, in fact, here is the great news. I plan to release a EP this year, about 5 to 6 songs, written, produced, mixed and even mastered by me!! I will do a lot of planning on this and put deadlines, b/c I know if there isn't a deadline, it will be hard to put this project up. So yes, there will be "pressure".

I really don't know the basic style of format of it, even I don't know on which name I will put it, all I know is that is going to be centered in many things, orchestration, lots of guitar playing, and even some heavy things, it will be like "proggy meets symphonic meets jazzy meets guitars" stuff, if that makes any sense... the thing that is bugging me for awhile is the fact that if I will write real SONGS, will lyrics on, or just instrumental pieces with guest musicians on it, I really had polished my songwriting skills this past year.

Still, I am not ready yet full scale for recording, b/c I need some more gear like stands, mics, and a more powerful PC to do a great job without constraints.

Well this is all in boys and girls, so let's see how it goes!!

Iros RR

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