Saturday, October 20, 2012

Implementing a new concept

As you may know and it have been said over and over, I'm conquering the solo thing in a very intense way, and it's for many reasons, but its decided I'm taking the approach of making an album in hibernation, and even producing it myself, there's no other way around for now, after that the hunting of musicians will begin, and that my friends is hard, but it will be good to play my music live one day!

So I'm into implementing the use of a diferent direction for my band, is normal that a band have politics and rules for a more democratic enviroment but this is in what I think: think that the band is a team the same as the one in an advertising agency! Yes! In a advertising agency you have: A creative director, a copywritter, art director, graphic designers you know they execute the idea of the creative director, and he just give direction of how he want things to be done, I think its the same way that my band will work, my job will be giving the main ideas and working as a musical director, nobody will stand in front of me saying and questioning musical direction and dumb stuff, that I think is the best way to put it to work.

Of course I want to have great and passonate musicians in the project and maximize what they can do best, depends of the talents that the musicians have of course. I'm not necessarily will be a musical Trujillo or a damn tyrant in what the music could be, I'm just doing that, directing, the same thing that a creative director do in a campaing, think about it, the album is the campaing, the songs the pieces and the theme is the strategy. Of course for me the musical product and the presentation will be important and those kind of things relate to me.

There's two ways of writing an album, me entering in hibernation and write material and even producing it, the other way is writing as a band, jamming, writing, trading ideas, ect. An album can be the mix of those, or maybe not, dont know right now...


Iros RR

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